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With their sleek coats and sturdy build, Rottweilers actually originated as herding dogs of the ancient Romans. Later brought to Germany, the breed is named after the town of Rottweil where they famously drove cattle to market. Rottweilers nearly went extinct with the rise of railways that made their cattle driving skills obsolete. Thanks to dedicated breeders like Von Chavis, German Rottweilers have regained popularity–and for good reason. The strength and fearlessness of the Rottweiler puppy mean early socialization and training are crucial for Rottweiler ownership, which makes the selection of a known breeder essential. Von Chavis is a German Rottweiler puppy breeder serving Ohio that provides expert training and socialization to ensure our puppies are healthy and well-adjusted when they meet their Ohio families. As an AKC-registered German Rottweiler puppy breeder, we health test all our lineage. Our German Rottweiler puppies will bring joy and protection to your family for years due to their legendary loyalty and gentleness. Trust the state’s preferred breeder; call Von Chavis to reserve your German Rottweiler puppy today!

Top-Quality German Rottweilers Now Available from Premier Ohio Puppy Breeder

A good Rottweiler puppy breeder focuses on health and temperament when breeding their dogs. They carefully screen and test potential breeding dogs for issues like hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and eye problems. Good breeders also pay close attention to temperament, only breeding dogs with stable, friendly personalities appropriate for life as a family pet or working dog. Additionally, reputable Rottweiler breeders emphasize socialization from a young age, exposing puppies to many different people, places, sounds, and situations to promote a well-adjusted temperament. The trainers at Von Chavis, Ohio’s preferred breeder of German Rottweilers, have a deep knowledge of the breed’s history. Our trainers work hard to preserve the Rottweiler’s working abilities, intelligence, and versatility. An ethical, responsible German Rottweiler puppy breeder, Von Chavis is dedicated to improving this famous German breed and placing puppies in loving Ohio homes.

Prestigious German Rottweiler Puppy Breeder Expands to Ohio

A distinguished German Rottweiler puppy breeder now serving Ohio, Von Chavis is proud to be able to educate its customers on the rearing, care, and training of this distinctive German breed. From the start, establish yourself as the calm, confident pack leader by being consistent with training and setting boundaries. Socialize your Rottweiler puppy early and often so they become comfortable in any environment. Provide plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to prevent boredom-induced bad behaviors. Shower your devoted Rottweiler with affection while discouraging separation anxiety. We recommend puppy training classes tailored to this highly intelligent breed’s needs. Von Chavis’s focus on the health and temperament of each puppy makes us Ohio’s most esteemed breeder of German Rottweilers. Call today to reserve your puppy!

Best-in-show German Rottweilers Now Available from Reputable Ohio Puppy Breeder

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to tell from the naked eye whether puppies are purebred–even if purchased from a breeder. To be considered purebred, a Rottweiler must meet the breed standards set by kennel clubs such as the AKC in terms of appearance, temperament, and working ability. Important qualities like a black coat with rust markings, a powerful build, and a self-assured temperament are judged in the show ring. Ohio’s preferred breeder, Von Chavis Rottweiler tests for dysplasia screening, elbow evaluations, and eye exams to ensure that each German Rottweiler is free from health problems. Our pedigrees tracing back several generations confirm pure German bloodlines and ethical breeding practices. Von Chavis’s obedience and protection work tests each Rottweiler’s intelligence, trainability, and courage before breeding. Von Chavis works hard to ensure that each Ohio customer receives a pedigreed and well-bred German Rottweiler puppy as a loyal companion for life.

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