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Rottweiler Puppies for Sale in Michigan

Known for its sleek coat and musical physique, Rottweilers are in fact descendants of the ancient Romans. The breed was brought to Germany and is named for the southern German town of Rottweil, where these dogs became famous for bringing cattle to market. It is a little known fact that Rottweiler breeds nearly became extinct during the advent of the freight train, which rendered the Rottweiler’s use as a means of transporting goods obsolete. Thanks to distinguished and committed Kennel like Michigan’s own Von Chavis Rottweilers, the breed has enjoyed a well-deserved comeback with respect to popularity. Their great strength and fearless personality make early socialization and training vital to Rottweiler ownership. Von Chavis Rottweilers supplies training and socialization that make our Rottweiler puppies both healthy and attractive. Von Chavis Rottweilers registers all there dogs through American Kennel Club (AKC) and heart tests all of our puppies. Our Michigan Rottweiler puppies will bring enjoyment to your family for years to come. Rottweilers are powerful and intense dogs who are fierce but gentle. Indefatigably loyal to their owners and deeply protective of their family, they make excellent family companions.

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Unlike other breeders, Von Chavis Rottweilers are primarily concerned with the health and safety of their dogs. Von Chavis Rottweiler puppies are afforded opportunities to learn, train, and exercise in our Michigan location. Rottweilers are intelligent dogs, and require mental stimulation as well as physical. Von Chavis Rottweilers keeps puppies with their parents for the first weeks of their lives to ensure maximum nutrition and optimal physical development. Additionally, our team works to train, stimulate, and exercise our Rottweiler puppies even from the time they are puppies. Moreover, Rottweiler puppies are curious, and so our team hones this curiosity by means of proper training and socialization. Discover the soft heart beneath their muscular body. At Von Chavis Rottweilers, we are passionate about our dogs. Michigan’s own Von Chavis Rottweilers will help you find your next puppy, who will help you protect your family with a commitment like no other breed.

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