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Named for the town of Rottweil in Germany, the Rottweiler is an ancient dog breed; the Romans brought them from Italy in their invasion of Europe. Originally used to herd and guard livestock. Because of their exceptional intelligence and distinguished strength, Rottweilers are popular with police dogs, with many law enforcement professionals adopting Rottweilers as puppies in order to supply high-level training. Though Rottweilers are known for their ferocity, beneath an imposing exterior is a truly loyal and highly attentive breed with superior intelligence. It is important that the owners of the Rottweiler breed understand the proclivities, temperament, and disposition of the breed before choosing to raise a Rottweiler puppy. Aggressive behavior can be curbed by proper training and socialization. The expert breeders at Michigan’s own Von Chavis Rottweilers are committed to educating owners of each Rottweiler puppy. Call or visit today to learn why customers travel from Michigan and beyond to meet Von Chavis’s faithful, dependable, impressive, and truly stunning companions for life.

Famous in Michigan and Beyond for Personalized Attention to Each Rottweiler Puppy Owner

Von Chavis Rottweilers of Michigan has become one of the nation’s most distinguished breeders of Rottweilers. Having earned Best in Show and Best in Breed distinctions at the competitive German-style sieger shows sponsored by the most eminent Rottweiler clubs of North America. Both Von Chavis’s female and stud dogs are tested for strong health and temperament using the industry standard tests for companion dogs and and hip elbow, JLPP and heart health. Customers interested in a Rottweiler puppy are invited to view the pedigrees, certificates, and test results for all Rottweiler puppies. In addition to ensuring top-quality conformation (physical appearance) soundness qualifications (including inspection of coat, muzzle, tail, and teeth), Von Chavis Rottweilers also includes behavior test results with all sales of Rottweiler puppies. Additionally, Von Chavis Rottweilers is set apart from other breeders by its unique commitment to educate customers of each Rottweiler puppy on proper training, grooming and (when appropriate) dog show performance for their dogs. Call or visit today our Michigan location for more information on one of the most illustrious and respected breeds and the history of dog ownership.

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