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Rottweiler Puppies in Michigan from Von Chavis Rottweilers

Those who have owned Rottweilers understand how rewarding Rottweiler ownership can be. Nevertheless, your Rottweiler puppies require early training and a specialized understanding of the breed’s unique needs. Even as puppies in the litter, Rottweiler puppies start to display their natural dispositions and special abilities from a relatively young age. Von Chavis Rottweilers, located in Michigan, aids prospective customers in this specific Rottweiler selection and training. Our team will not only help you to select the best puppy for you, we will also help you to observe your dog and learn to understand his language. We can highlight the specific abilities of different Rottweiler puppies, giving you ideas of what behaviors to curb and which to amplify. Our stringent breeding methods and special attention paid to each dog have earned our dogs Best in Show and Best in Breed distinctions at numerous sieger style dog shows. For a puppy with the endearing characteristics and promise of a full-bred Rottweiler, look no further than Michigan’s Von Chavis Rottweilers.

Find Your Superior Rottweiler Puppy: Now For Sale in Michigan

Loyal, powerful, and fiercely protective of their loved ones, Rottweilers were one of the earliest police dogs. Because of their great strength, owning a Rottweiler requires commitment and dedication on the part of the owner who is tasked with raising, caring for, and training such a formidable animal. Because of their superior intelligence and sensitivity to training, Rottweilers form a uniquely close attachment to humans. At Von Chavis Rottweilers, we believe that there is a perfect Rottweiler puppy for each owner who is committed to raising one. Because our team is invested in the success of each match, we spend time with our customers to help them understand the breed as well as select the right puppy for them. Finally, our Michigan Rottweiler puppies are certified with respect to temperament, trainability, and health. Von Chavis Rottweilers administers the both the Behavior (“BH”) test for companion dogs as well as the Zuchttauglichkeitsprüfung (“ZTP”) test to certify the quality of their hips, elbows, and overall physical health of all Rottweiler puppies. For a loyal, attractive, and smart companion for life, find your next dog at Michigan’s Von Chavis Rottweilers.

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